Who Should I Call to Get Rid of Squirrels?

In the world of "animal removal," there are actually many different people that you COULD call, but actually only a handful of people that you SHOULD call. 


Let us help you out … 

Pest Removal 

Pest removal usually refers to much smaller pests than the humble squirrel, including flies, ants, fleas, other insects, and perhaps even rats, mice and other small rodents. They deal with the infestation in the quickest and safest way, which will usually involve using poison or chemicals, such as insecticides. A fumigant, for example, would easily resolve a flea problem or an ant problem. Poison is commonly used for rodents (although shouldn't be). Neither of these methods of "animal removal" actually work for squirrels, sadly. You can't chemically force out these critters, not can you get rid of them using poison. 

If you are going to call up a pest removal agency or company to remove squirrels from your property, ask how they will do the job. If they mention using chemicals, poison, repellents, or anything similar to those things, you shouldn't hire them. In many cases these approaches a hundred more problems than they solve. 

Wildlife Rehabilitators

Local wildlife rehabilitators are usually not-for-profit individuals or organizations, who MAY come out and grab your animal, make it fit and healthy again (if it wasn't already), and then release it back into the wild. 

Not all wildlife rehabilitators will deal with all wild animals, or all species of wild animals. Some with specialize in birds, for example, or bats. You would need to find one who deals with squirrels, and even then the law prevents the release of certain wild animals back into the wild, in certain areas or states. 

Critter Exterminators 

These are perfect people for the job of squirrel removal experts — they are experts in the field of critter removal. These people are called a variety of names, including:

Pest animal control technician

Nuisance wildlife operator

Wildlife removal expert

Wildlife control professional

Wildlife removal officer

You get the idea, right? There is no ONE set name for them, but they all do similar jobs. 

For a fee, these guys will do a job that goes something along the following lines: 

1) Perform a thorough inspection of the commercial or residential property and surrounding land

2) Note down any danger points, including squirrel access points, food attractors, potential nesting spots or future damage patches

3) Pick a couple of larger holes to affix exclusion devices to, whilst ensuring smaller holes are fully sealed, using materials that will stand the chewing of squirrels

4) Make sure that exclusion devices (or traps) are placed where they will have success, or moving them/changing bait or trap types if they don't

5) Successfully remove squirrels from the property, releasing or disposing of the creature in a legal, humane, and safe manner

6) Clean/repair up any damage that squirrels have caused (to the best of their ability/expertise)

7) Clean away any biologically-contaminated material, including feces and urine

8) Seal up all remaining holes once all squirrels have been removed (and this has been checked, and then double checked)

9) Add property modifications to ensure squirrel problem cannot return, alongside taking away all potential food sources

As you can probably figure out, the removal experts are the best people to call when you have a squirrel problem on your property. This is definitely the case if you want a job that gets done the right way, legally, without harming any animals unnecessarily, and all the while ensuring that you won't ever have to face the problem again. (Again, to the best of their expertise and ability … Sometimes these things happen despite everyone's best efforts!) 

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